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Oh that's pretty cool, never thought about citrus trees really since I was so focused on the nectar wiki list. How big do the dwarf citrus trees get? Thanks!
I first saw it at a farm I stayed at in Sienna Italy (Agroturismo). They had huge beautiful terracotta pots filled with lemon trees that they kept in an old carriage house over winter and brought out during spring/summer/fall. I have a grapefruit, lime, and lemon. They are dwarf so I think they get between 6 to 8 feet tall but the container and pruning keep them manageable, similar to the principle of bonsai. I have terracotta looking (plastic - reduces weight) containers with watering reservoirs in the bottoms. At this time of year I have to water daily. Mine bloom more than once a year so I generally get a winter bloom inside too. The blooms smell heavenly, especially the red grapefruit. I got them before I even thought of keeping bees for the fruit and blossoms, being a nectar source is a bonus. The dwarf Meyer Lemon was sold at one of the big box stores here this summer in small pots for a reasonable price. That one is more cold hearty. I had one but it was an old, poor or off, version of the hybrid and I got rid of it in favor of a real lemon tree.