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    Default Last graft of season.

    How late in the season can I still graft? I live in North Central Pa. Tks.

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    Default Re: Last graft of season.

    Depends what you are raising the queens for. If you are trying to start nucs its probably too late. If you want them to requeen or something you just gotta make sure they have time to make their mating flight before the frost.

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    Default Re: Last graft of season.

    I just did my last set of grafts today. Not that you couldn't do it later, but I want to requeen some hives before fall buildup - Sept. 1 as far as I am concerned. I've always had good performance out of queens that start laying about that time. It also gives you a good chance to size them up before it is too late to cut loses and combine hives.

    It's also the first time that it has been convenient to graft from my best hive of the year - now that I know which one it is - best honey producer, low swarming tendency, good natured and healthy. About as close as I can get to a breeding program with one bee yard.


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