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Josh, for us, the money is in wholesale. We dont have a large enough population base to market to here, too much local honey, not enough customers. Keep up the hustle and make a premium on your sales but dont let it get in the way of your beeyard work otherwise your going to loose more in the long run. I price mine close to the stores, sell a couple of pallets worth just to please my neighbours.
The biggest reason I sell honey house honey is that it is a fantastic way to keep good relations with the surrounding public. When my bees are buzzing in their yard, they know its my bees. And when Im chugging slowly down the road with a load of honey or hives on, they drive patiently.
Yes, the wholesaler requires you to be able to commit to at least 5,000lbs of honey. I cannot guarantee that at this time. I can still sell to them at B pool prices less 10% I believe. I will not have a problem selling all my honey from this season. I am thinking forward to next year when I will have close to that 5K amount but not enough to ensure they can have 5k. That is the reason I am trying to build enough of a customer base to cover that and also to be able to take advantage of the 5,000lb local sales they will allow me in the future.