I have two top bar hives close to each other under my peach trees. Hive #1 is boomin in year 2, lots brood, packing in pollen and some wet honey in the brood combs but no capped honey yet. Some drones around, no dead bees on the bottom screen. Hive #2 is a new swarm caught in mid May and at first added a couple of bars of brood from hive #1. Brood looks ok, got new eggs and some capped but not much storage going on, no honey at all, no drones. I have checked on them for a few weeks in a row and each time there is a big handful or two of dead/dying bees, I think new ones? Furry. Wings ok, not seeing mites when I test but will test again. There are some ants in hive #2, none in hive #1. They have been crop dusting the potatoes next to me but he is a pretty good shot and that was several days ago. Today I saw at least a couple still wiggling, acting weak and dying in the pile in my hand dead bees w tongues sticking out. Since there are no dead bees in #1 I kind of doubt over spray? My guess is starving? Robbed by hive #1? I haven't seen any fighting on th porch though and have the entrance closed down some. We had a very dry spring here, then very hot so far all summer. I did feed them some and they built pretty new combs but not filling them. Anyway, this is only my second hive and I am trying to figure out what to do, feed 2:1 syrup to both?