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    Default Honey is "Piney"

    I am a first year beekeeper with just one hive to start. It has been going very smoothly so far. But when I opened up my hive to inspect it this last time, I cut some comb off and brought it inside to taste the honey. It has a very "piney" taste to it - I have never eaten pine needles, but I feel like if I did, this is what it would taste like! I searched other threads for information about this, and read some old ones that said that if your bees have been collecting "honey dew" the honey can taste piney, but it sounded like it would be a dark honey if that were the case? One poster did say that if the bees are collecting honey dew I should feed them protein because honey dew doesn't have pollen, and I did notice that there was a lot less pollen stored than at my previous inspections. Other posters blamed the pine taste on the use of treatments, but I have not treated the hive with anything so that can't be the case. The pine taste wasn't very pleasant in my opinion and I am hoping that all my honey won't taste like this! Any thoughts?
    Our hive, which we named "Queen's Landing," got started on May 5, 2013!

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    Default Re: Honey is "Piney"

    I would research "Honeydew" for a start.


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