One of my hive hosts built a Warre out of re-purposed rough redwood, so I threw down a challenge of his Warre versus my deep frame Lang, also made new out of re-purposed redwood. This pitted Warre topbar against Jumbo depth wax foundationed frames, everything brand new. Two equal early packages were installed in both hives on 3/7. This batch of early packages came with poorly mated queens, only about a 50% take on an order of 15 packages.
The Warre thrived, the Lang went drone layer. On 5/13 a new vacuumed swarm was installed in the Lang, it went drone layer, the Warre thrived. On 7/17, a bait swarm from another site was installed in the Lang and it finally has fighting chance, four months too late. The Warre has filled six boxes in this period.

So what can we conclude from this competition?
Warres are clearly a better hive?
Beginners have all the luck?
Don't buy early packages?
I am a crappy beekeeper?

My hive on left was the loser.