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I would not bank a virgin queen in any manner. unless it was just for a couple of days at most. The queens that emerge in my incubator are in cages. each cage has just a dab of honey on it and the queen is able to eat it. This keeps her going for the first 24 hours if needed. I do nto really want to see a virgin stay in the incubator longer than that.

1, the queen is not necessary fully developed when she emerges and her ability to move around contributes to her final development. a lto fo that final development has to do with her egg laying ability.

2. I usually will have a mating nuc full of bees waiting for a queen. The only reason for the delay in giving them one is that I usually only place virgins in nuc once a day. If I then return to find another virgin has emerged she will stay in the incubator until the next days introductions. IF I where to have enough virgins emerge to make it worth another trip to the nucs. I will make a second one in the same day.

3. You want the virgin to get mated in the first 7 to 14 days. Not doing so can lead to an inferior or even completely infertile queen.

4. Banking mated queens is a better idea. even then I would want to let the queen mate. lay at least for a few days to both allow her time for full development as well as evaluate her. then bank her.
What if the goal was to II her?