3 weeks ago a nice swarm moved into a cardboard NUC bait hive. They filled it up nicely, so I hived them in a 10 frame deep. The next day there was activity in the cardboard NUC and I opened it to see what was going on. Inside was a baseball size cluster of bees with a queen.

An opportunity to do a trap out from a cypress tree came up so I built a Hogan Trap. By reading threads on this forum and helpful emails from Mr. Cleo Hogan it is working out well. Using bees from the trap out to boost the weak NUC really helped. Today one of the brood frames from the trap out had 2 queen cells.

I am a new beekeeper with somewhat limited resources. Is it better to pull the queen from the NUC and move her to a mating NUC for safe keeping or move the frame with the cells? I would prefer to use the 2 frame partition of mating NUC over a full 5 frame to conserve resources. I suppose, removing the cells is an option as well but I would rather keep an extra queen on hand.
Below is the link to the swarm moving in