Hello everyone! I want to tell you a short story. You see, some time ago I was suffering from a sore throat. My father-in-law told me to put some honey in my coffee, as the honey's natural "smoothness" would be good for said sore throat. I obeyed, and to my amazement it worked! Why, I thought to myself, have I never paid more attention to honey before? The next day I bought a jar of honey and began experementing with it, which foods it went well with and so on. Today I have honey on everything from sallad to vanilla icecream, and I'm loving it. One day I started thinking about where honey comes from, and that's how I ended up here. I'm interested to learn all about beekeeping, and I'm planning on getting started soon, so that I can have my own produced honey by next summer, and with that a new hobby. I think I've come to the right place!