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    Default Hello from Pittsburgh!

    Hello there,

    My name is Mark but I go by Obie much faster than my real name.

    I got the beekeeping bug about a month or so ago and have been diving into the academics of beekeeping since. I have been reading pretty much everything I can get my hands on and watching all the YouTube videos I can find on the subject. When I was younger, my grandparents had a friend who setup and managed 2 hives on their property. I never really knew much about it but I would watch as he would open the hives and do things to it. After watching a lot of videos, I recalled a lot of things I have saw but did not understand at the time.

    At the moment, I do not have any hives nor any place to put them, so I am in information gathering mode. Once I am able to get my first hives, I plan of starting with 2 and seeing how that goes.

    That's about it for me, if you have any other questions, feel free to ask and I will answer to my best ability.

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    Default Re: Hello from Pittsburgh!

    Welcome Mark!

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    Default Re: Hello from Pittsburgh!

    Welcome to the site!


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