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    Smile Greetings from Alabama

    Started beekeeping 4 years ago with a 10 frame deep hive and shallow supers. Hive is strong and a good honey producer. Two years ago, after a lot of research, I decided to convert everything to 8 frame medium boxes. Having a problem with deep to medium conversion. Will post in Bee Forum.

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    Welcome Marty! Why not leave the one deep on the bottom? This is my first year and I started with one deep and one medium 8-frame as the brood chamber on each of my 4 hives and I must say it's a lot easier on the back and the bees have no problem filling up all the outside frames. But, then again, this is my first year and I still have a ton to learn, although I just got finished pulling 240+ lbs from 3 of the hives. I know a lot of folks on here say to use all mediums, but is it really that critical to be able to swap brood frames between the lower boxes?
    Started beekeeping in 2013 and having a blast with my 12 small cell hives!!

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    Welcome Marty! Cut off the bottom of the frames at 6 inches or sell the deep as a hive to someone.

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    Welcome to the site!


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