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    Smile Greetings from Alabama

    Started beekeeping 4 years ago with a 10 frame deep hive and shallow supers. Hive is strong and a good honey producer. Two years ago, after a lot of research, I decided to convert everything to 8 frame medium boxes. Having a problem with deep to medium conversion. Will post in Bee Forum.

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    Welcome Marty! Why not leave the one deep on the bottom? This is my first year and I started with one deep and one medium 8-frame as the brood chamber on each of my 4 hives and I must say it's a lot easier on the back and the bees have no problem filling up all the outside frames. But, then again, this is my first year and I still have a ton to learn, although I just got finished pulling 240+ lbs from 3 of the hives. I know a lot of folks on here say to use all mediums, but is it really that critical to be able to swap brood frames between the lower boxes?
    Ken Barber - Started beekeeping in 2013 and having a blast

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    Welcome Marty! Cut off the bottom of the frames at 6 inches or sell the deep as a hive to someone.

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    Welcome to the site!


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