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    Default Swarm under my hive

    I checked my hives the other day and noticed a large amount of bees(equivalent to a 3pound package) under one of my hives. They are located right under the solid bottom board right in the front. This is one of my strongest hives that is doing very well. I smoked them lightly and none of them retreated into the hive. After more inspection I noticed they had a large amount of comb built with nectar. I did not see any larva or brood. This all happened in a matter of days. Is this a swarm from the hive above? Should I try to capture them?

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    Default Re: Swarm under my hive

    Get em into a Hive ASAP. Cut the comb and rubber band it into a frame, they need it.

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    Default Re: Swarm under my hive

    It happens time to time... seems like when it's really hot. Sometimes I think returning foragers are tired and want to malinger a bit so they hide underneath . I don't really know what the scoop is, but it's happened a couple times to me. Nothing that big though. You can find out if it's a swarm: put down a box with frames, put on a queen excluder, and an empty box on that. Shake them into the box and as they go down into the frames you'll likely see is there's a queen (though swarm queens are slimmed down for flight).
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