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    Default Ultra Breeze Bee Suit Sizing

    I want to order an Ultra Breeze bee suit and am hoping that you folks who own an Ultra Breeze suit can help. I am six foot four and weigh about 200lbs. I'm tall, long legged, and long armed and thin. The only suit that has an inseam long enough is the 2x or larger and I'm worried that I'll feel like the Staypuffed Marshmallow Man in that size. I have been e-mailing Ultra Breeze all week with NO response so far and I really need to get this suit ordered since it has been in the 90's all week here and I'm allergic to bees and I'm going to die from heat exhaustion in my old suit. So my question is, how long are the arms and legs on these suits? Thanks in advance for any help,

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    Default Re: Ultra Breeze Bee Suit Sizing

    When I emailed them, they got right back to me, but that was last year. I find my suit legs to be shorter than I would like them to be, while the rest of the suit fits fine. I have heard that they will make to measure to some degree, though I guess they would actually have to respond to you in order for you to ask them to do that. Sooooo, if you are going to order a stock size, and you really need leg coverage, i would go for the 2x

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    Default Re: Ultra Breeze Bee Suit Sizing

    can't talk to the full suit, but I bought the half suit, 2xl, other suits I normally have them add 4 inches to the length to cover my butt, didn't on this suit and was fine, and plenty large enough, I'm 6'2" and about 250 if that helps.
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