Hi Everyone
I did the capped brood bee math for after a swarm and new queen time.I had to get into my TB fast while it was in the 80s this morning. I sure couldn't tell what I was looking at in part of that brood nest though!

The good news is that I've had a laying new queen since my swarm left and found lots of tight capped brood with honey along the top.I did NOT see new eggs or new larvae though. In fact I wondered if the capped brood was even living and was forced to open a few caps.Yep,wet white worker larvae. Well, THAT was good. No new laid drone either. It's been REALLY hot,over 102 every day and it was this hot two weeks ago also.

What I don't understand is that around the brood for 2-4 inches,except at the honey top, it looked like dried up brood....or pollen? I REALLY couldn't tell since IF some brood was left to dry up it was quite young.Does that ever happen? I tried to compare it to my pollen comb bar but the full pollen bar was many colors and smoother looking. Inside the 1/3 full-of-dry-stuff around the brood areas was pretty much all the same color. Did NOT look like any sort of mold or problem. Then again maybe only one kind of pollen has been available. Sheesh....I got My package queen made brood with very little space like that on the sides.

Would they only cap as much brood as they could keep cool? I read that queens often stop laying when it's over 100 (I Hope that's why I saw no uncapped larvae)but does anyone have experience with that? At least I'm certain I'll have 3 plus bars of new nurses soon.......... My hive is about 3/4 populated right now,not as many drones as in the past, and building new comb wherever I'd made space a month ago except the end bar. The hive has sounded and smelled really good on our cooler days last week!

Anyway my bees "did their thing" and made a new queen,thank goodness. Long Live The Queen! YAY! No queen cells spotted at all this inspection. A million years of evolving and I've been fretting every day since the swarm that they'd die off and I'd have to start over next year. I really TRIED to have faith
I was unprepared for a split or swarm catch when the overpopulation happened a month ago but NOW I have a second hive for whatever happens and a nuc box! Dearth is starting after out blackberries except for a late summer wildflower bloom. I've only fed them a quart a week because I didn't want them after-swarming on me! I guess no queen cells,the weather and dearth should keep them home now?(plus what little space I can get in there now)........ They do seem to have a good start on honey storage finally too. whew! I've been happy to read of re-queening success for others on the forum that had first year swarms too! HB PS- full shade (we put a pop up canopy over them!)except morning has kept my hive from melting.