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    Default webs inside hive

    it looks like spider webs inside the hive. what is it? and how do I clean it up?

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    Default Re: webs inside hive

    wax moths, feed the chickens, or rinse frames vigorously in a light bleach water and dry

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    Default Re: webs inside hive

    Is the hive queen right and strong with bees? Is there a lot of webbing or only a little? Are there a lot of unused combs? Are your bees starving, being robbed, or fighting off a hive beetle infestation?

    Even a strong hive can get an occasional wax moth larva, but they usually handle it if they aren't also being stressed by other factors. Most of the time when you see a lot of webbing the hive is pretty much already gone. If you freeze the frames, thaw them and then give them back to a strong hive the bees will make them look like new much quicker than they can draw comb from foundation.


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