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    Sorry to sound stupid, but here goes. I installed a Nuc back in June 1st have been growing and seem to be going well, but I have never been able to locate the queen. I put a second large super on 3 weeks later and last week put a honey super on. Now I have seen signs of larva growth and this afternoon during inspection, I had a larva drop on the ground. The problem is the front of the hive is covered with bees and look like they are getting ready to swarm. The question is how do I do a walk away split if I cant find the queen??
    file:///C:/Users/Bob/Pictures/2013_07_15/IMG_2586.JPGfile: Thanks for all and any help!!!!!!

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    Doesn't really matter where the queen is. She'll either be in the original hive or in the split. The other will colony will do their thing to make a new queen. You'll know where she is in a week or so, and then you can monitor accordingly.

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    Bees hang out on the front of the hive when its hot,sometimes called bearding.Some queens are very elusive, just look for eggs and larva ,if theres eggs shes in there somewhere.

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    First, the location of your picture in on the hard drive of your computer and we won't have access to that here. You need to upload the picture to an online host like I agree with both Spinner and mrqb. Walk away split is just that, matters not which half has the queen as long as the other half has freshly laid eggs AND most likely this time of year you are looking at bearding.
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