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    Default Blackwater Beekeepers

    SO here is my experience in bee keeping. I live in Liberty Hill, Tx July 2014 or so I approached my significant other and talked of bee keeping. She amazingly said "YES". So, sat on this until about October. I started doing some research. Started to acquire a lot of knowledge through websites of Apiary's and YouTube. My excitement was off the chart as you could imagine.
    I live in a rural area where our community has about 200 homes and all of them have about an acre of land. The boarders outside our neighborhood is owned by cattle ranchers. Might you heard of "KING RANCH"? Yep, that's our backyard beyond the neighborhood fence and we have lots of wildlife roaming from King Ranch that hop the fence and roam in our neighborhood. Perfect for bee keeping is what I am getting at.
    Anyhow, I spent about $570 on bee supplies including an ant free stand that is concrete foundation and pipe, $90 for us to take the bee class here in Central Texas. I spent $225 on a fence for the bee hive and $275 on Amazon for Ultra Cool Bee Suit that my significant other prodded me to buy. It is HOT in central Texas! It's a lifetime experience and might as well buy 1 bee suit and not have to buy another.
    I went to central Texas bee hive building and helped build frames 1 Sunday late winter a few months back where I met others just like me starting out and learning. Met Michael the man in Brenham that was heading the bee hive box building. Come to find out this is for youth program and they're trying to build 500 bee hives. WOW what a great participation this is for a great cause. So afterwards we talked to Michael about bees and several questions I had got answered. Nothing more enjoyable then talking to a live person and getting all your answers to your questions that I had bottled up.
    Rewind to the first week of January. I started looking and found out all bee pkg's were sold out here in Texas for March/April when I wanted to get my bees. My plan was to get them Mid March, so that I could have a split sometime in June possible and end the year with 2 hives maybe 3 who knows. Get 65 pounds of honey is all I wanted and the bees can have the rest. 65 pounds would go to friends and my family. After doing online searching I did come across a place called black water bee supply co. Hoverville GA 921-487-2675. I put the number because someone on here might actually call them and get a hold of them for me since all my efforts seem to fall short. I have zero phone calls returned from them. I paid $150 for my pkg
    Zero communication from this company! It is the 11th of April today and no pkg of bees have arrived and nearly no communication other then 2 from them stating that the winter weather is putting them 2 weeks behind. The 2nd was we'll ship the end of this week or the following week. That's come and gone too. I have called daily trying to get someone in the office to pick up the phone. Nope, no returned phone calls and of coarse my $150 I can't get back as I paid for this by PayPal instead of my credit card. I own a business and my money is mainly in PayPal, so I typically think of that for payment and not CC. Lesson learned on my part.
    My friends and family have asked "Did your bees come in" or "Hows your bee hive doing?". Here in Central Texas this is the most beautiful spring I can remember since living in Texas 1990. Flowers in bloom everywhere and out land is fully in bloom too. I drive out of our community and the street sides are thick with bluebonnets. I think it's frustrating that I don't have bees looking at all these wildflowers and what year were having. It certainly would be a great year to start bee keeping, but I don't have bees.
    I started researching who's got pkg's of bees this week. Of coarse that's about a Zero this late! Who would have thought that black Water Bee Supply company would just take someones money and not communicate and not send a pkg of bees? I did send out a message to a few bee companies that actually had websites and great confirmation that they're a real company. I did explain to them my dilemma about getting shafted. The response was a clear message to only buy from a Apiary that has many years of business. I certainly think that is a golden rule that I want to get my point across to others. Lesson learned this time. One Apiary company can get bees to me in April 23rd shipping date. The Weaverly company in Texas can get them to me 3rd weekend of next month. I have had some time to think about spending another $225 for Nuc or $175 for a pkg shipped. The thing is that my whole plan is scrapped. I can't control the bees, but that was something I would cross roads with later.
    I am Zak White from Liberty Hill Texas and if anyone can get someone to pick up the phone to this company and ask them what's going on or has any information as to get a refund that would be great. I did mail a letter this week requesting a refund, but not sure how that will be received.

    This experience has stung me. Lots of lessons to be learned, but unfortunate to someone new that now has spoiled experience.

    At this point it's pretty dumb in my thoughts to spend another penny on this failed hobby. So close I know and it might not be logical, but that's my take on it.

    Maybe in September I will look into purchasing bees for 2016.

    Zak White
    Liberty Hill, Texas (Central Texas)

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    Default Re: Blackwater Beekeepers

    Sorry about your sucky experience, but dont let it stop you! Hook up with a few keeps that go out and get swarms, get some bees that way. Good luck!

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    Default Re: Blackwater Beekeepers


    This is the Michael you refer to above. Thanks for the kind words. I, to am sorry for the situation and hope that it still can be resolved.

    One quick correction. Our group, the Central Texas Beekeepers, has not stated that we have set out to build 500 hives. When we are working on them and when they are stacked in my barn, it certainly SEEMS like 500 hives. And some day in the future I am sure we will reach that number.

    We are just out to educate our youth to help them be good beekeepers and promote beekeeping in our world.

    The Bee School you mentioned was two weeks ago and we had 630 folks here for a one-day school. Thanks for being with us.

    I, too, will try to contact your "supplier" and encourage them to respond to help clear up the reputation they don't want.


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    Default Re: Blackwater Beekeepers

    FYI, you have up to 6 months to file a claim with Paypal!! Use it!

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    Default Re: Blackwater Beekeepers

    Maybe they should be called Black Hole beekeepers send your money.


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