@harley craig -

Thanks for the anti fogging soap tip, I will have to give that a try. My coworker loved it too.


I watched the video and your setup looked awesome. But being that I'm so new to this, what was the need for the machine? Are you washing the comb? Treating it? Prepping it for long term storage?

Oh and don't worry about education, my coworker that is a mechanical engineer talked with me about how his education was focus on metals while 95% of what we do deals with plastics so he said he uses a small portion of his college education. A lot of creating products or machine like you've done is all about trial and error and then figuring out how to improve it. I love your approach though.

Oh and it was 99 here today, I'll take the cold any day (from New Hampshire).


Yeah the grass might be greener. I definitely think it would be incredibly tough / lots of hard work to make a living in agriculture. The big pit fall to what I do is that I've worked on a number of products the last few years a if I'm lucky 1 or 2 will become real products, due to a variety of reasons. I still get paid, but the personal satisfaction in knowing my work and effort paid off isn't there.

The intelligence comments are interesting. It's hard to find a person that has the ability to learn from books and the hands on approach. But I'm a fan of being hands on since you get a feel from the true application. But since I'm new to beekeeping I can say I've had my head in a book the past few months quite a bit.


If you could post a picture, that would be awesome to see the setup you use.