Incredibly bad SHB population this year.
I "know" all the suggestions for control but I am relying on strong hives as I've done in the past. I will resort to other methods if I feel they are required. My state inspector says a strong hive is the prevention from slimed frames.
I keep my hives strong yet this year I've still had a frame or two in these hives with SHB larvae. This is disturbing to me because I'm afraid their numbers are growing to the point that the fine line between a colony that is going to cast off a late swarm (and croak needless to say) and a hive that is susceptible to getting slimed is getting finer.
A good friend of mine has been keeping bees for 25 years and always gets 4-500 lbs off his 7-8 hives came to me a few weeks ago with 3 deep boxes of slimed honey/pollen frames.
He had stacked deeps that had gotten honey bound due to swarming & no queen replacment on top of producing hives thereby turning them into honey supers. I did this myself this year on 3 hives for similar reasons.
His, "producing hives" then went queenless and within three weeks were full of about the most disgusting SHB mess I've ever seen.
It is getting to the point that keeping bees is a battle to say the least. When one has to go into hives 5-6 times a month during the busy season things are bad bad bad.
BTW-I looked for threads about using modified bug zappers for SHB but didn't see anything. Anyone try this?