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    Default Small Hive Beetle Attack - I Think....

    I split a hive about a month ago and it seemed to be doing fine. A few days ago I noticed small, white larvae in some of my frames. Since there were only a few I waited till today (about a week) to treat, and the hive was gone with a few dead bees in the bottom. Lots of larvae now. I'm thinking small hive beetles hit me hard in a weeks time.

    My questions are:

    1) Some of the wood on the frames looked as if it was chewed. Is this hive beetle or wax moth?
    2) Should/Can I reuse this equipment? Frames, Deep, etc?
    3) If this sound like wax moth, how do you guys treat for this?

    Thanks for any input...

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    Default Re: Small Hive Beetle Attack - I Think....

    Wax moth,freeze frames and reuse. Your split was not strong enough to ward off the moths. A stronger hive will keep moths in check


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