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    Default Late fall plants for bees

    This is my first year raising bees. We usually have lots of weeds/prairie flowers blooming from lat summer to early fall here in Midwestern MO. I don't know specifically what they like but they have quite but of variety. I was wondering about late fall, maybe even after the first light frosts. Is anything blooming then? Is there anything I could plant? I think hazel nuts bloom in the fall? I have some in my yard but my bees arent at my house.Do bees like them? Or do you have any other suggestions ?

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    Default Re: Late fall plants for bees

    Not sure if they grow in your area but good plants here are asters, false/perennial sunflower, clover (if it is mowed down in July so that it reblooms), sedum, goldenrod, & Joe Pye weed. Haven't really looked to confirm that our bees work them all though.


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