I had a strong hive come through the winter and I have made three splits from it to prevent swarming. Two of these splits have made their own queen (saw eggs, larvae, and capped brood yesterday), and the third is wall to wall brood on five frames with larvae and eggs. I am guessing the original queen went with this hive. (I have never been good at finding my queens - I just look for eggs now.)
Yesterday, I checked the original hive. It is two deeps (for brood) and two honey supers. Every box is full of capped honey and a little pollen and uncapped honey. By the time I got down to inspecting the lowest deep looking for brood, those bees were getting very angry. There was not one capped cell of brood, nada, just honey, and thousands of bees. I put the hive back together faster than I ever had! I know I squished more than a couple bees, but they were raging mad and stinging through my pants and getting in my shoes.
What I am wondering is: Can I take the honey and combine these queenless bees with two other hives (one of them is one of the splits, the other a hive I requeened in mid June). These are smaller in population and I would like to build them up. How can I get the bees out of the honey, since there is no brood box below for them to go into?
Will the new hive accept foreign bees anyway?
Or should I just requeen them, take the supers with the honey, and give them an empty super to move the lower honey up, so the new queen has a place to lay eggs?

This is a new dilemma for me.