I've got a strong NWC hive that I left 4 mediums on for overwintering during the 2012-2013 season. Well for some reason the bees skipped over the third box (which was full of honey) during the winter and settled in the top of the 4th box for the rest of the winter some time in january. The consumed a little less than a third of the front portion of the honey in this third box.

Well when spring came around I reorganized things to open up the brood nest. I remembered reading somewhere that Warre said you could put a super of honey below the broodnest and they would move all the honey above the nest and draw out another super (his method for drawing out white honey comb). So I thought I would try that just to get the bees to move that honey up and also draw out another honey super with wax. So I moved this third box to the lowest position in the springtime.

Well of course these bees have decided not only were they not going to do what warre said they would do, but in fact they have filled and nearly capped all of this box. I'm not quite sure what to do. I've tried scratching off cappings and they just recap it. I suppose I could extract it but that would be to easy. I'd like them to move that honey up and store pollen down there like they are supposed to do. Any suggestions?