This is my first year. I started with two 8-frame hives. One hive is not doing well at all. Two weeks ago I found that it only had about six full frames,it also had an unmarked queen, not the marked queen that I purchased. Today when I checked, the only change I found was a whole mess of small hive beetles, only a few beetles in the traps and no new brood, no evidence of a queen. Then I checked the stronger hive. I have a hive top feeder with a screen on top of it. There, on top of the screen was an un-marked queen. There were a number of bees feeding her. The rest of the hive seemed to be doing great, it needed another super, this hive seemed to be very aggressive. So, my questions, could this un-marked queen be the queen from the weak hive with the hive beetles, thus explaining the high aggressiveness. And, what should be done. Is it too late to save the weak hive? Should I put this queen in the weak, apparent queenless hive, or does she need to be killed?