Check this out. I had a bait hive out and a friend of mine told me there were bees in and out of it w/ pollen. I went and checked on it and did see a few bees inside but didn't sound like many when I knocked on it. Brought it home and voila, about a 100 bee swarm! Queen is in there, laying eggs. Not sure if you can zoom in but you can see a few new eggs, some that were recently laid, and a few cells w/ multiple eggs, ugh. I added a frame of brood from another swarm to get them going, hoping to get them boosted before fall to overwinter in a nuc.

Also, anyone in Lenawee County Michigan area? I got a call for a 2' x 3' swarm and she has had no luck finding anyone to pick it up. Said its inside a house and mostly accessible, she is willing to pay for repairs if there are walls that have t come off. Email me if you are in the area and can take a look.