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    Default Is there such a thing as keeping a steady supply of backup queens

    I have been having lots of issues with queens lately(reference my earlier posts). When the bees raise their own, they seem to do a superseder soon after she starts laying as she isn't the most effective layer. However, I lose time while they raise another queen.

    1. How can I have a steady supply of backup queens?

    2. How many bees are required in a nuc with those backup queens?

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    Default Re: Is there such a thing as keeping a steady supply of backup queens

    Having extra queens around when you need them is golden. One way to do it is to cut out swarm cells after they are sealed and make up nucs of 2-3 frames of bees and a little brood (in a 5 frame nuc), give each nuc a swarm cell and let the queen hatch, mate, and begin laying. Once those nucs get going real good and the queen is laying well, you can steal frames of brood to boost production colonies, or just take the queen to give to a colony that needs one, the bees will raise another queen in the nuc in the meantime. Having a good supply of these kind of nucs around is a valuable resource. There are other ways to start nucs also, this was just one example, but the idea is to have them. John

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