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    New Beek here and just had my TBH swarm. I didn't really know what was happening until I saw the ball of bees on a nearby branch. I only have the one hive so did not have anything to put the swarm in except a cardboard box. Clipped the branch and put them in, closed the cover and placed in the shade while I checked the hive. Still quite a few bees in the hive but obviously fewer than before. This is a homebuilt hive with two dividers one of which I removed a few weeks ago. the girls were about two-three bars into this second section and all appeared to be going great for them with all the combs very straight and orderly. I have been observing them thru the side window and not disturbing them by removing any of the completed bars so no idea they had produced additional queen cells.

    The only thing I could think to do with the swarm was to place them in the remaining partitoned third of the hive which has an entrance on the end. Did this last night after the temp cooled down and activity on the other end of the hive was almost nil. I'm sure my solution was wrong in multiple ways but didn't want to loose that many bees. My intent is to monitor for the next couple days and if they stay then remove the remaining partition and let the two queens hash it out in hopes the colony will stay together once there is a single queen.

    I would appreciate any and all suggestions, comment, solutions etc.

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    Make another hive for them. They will be okay in the end of your existing hive for a bit and then you will have resources in case of queen issues.

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    I agree, leave them in there as a separate colony. You could even bring over a bar of comb with a little brood if there is any left from the other side to encourage them to stick around. Just make sure there isn't a virgin or queen cell on the comb. Then build another top bar hive for them when you have a chance. It's always a good idea to have a second hive around to share resources in case something goes wrong with the other.


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