I built a beevac yesterday. I had an old chest-of-drawer drawer that I converted into a beevac chamber. Since the drawer was too short - only 13 inches I was able to use a piece of plexi-glass to make an observation window.
In the 2nd photo with the blue tape, you can see the entrance hole in the bottom of the photo. It is closest to the top of the brood chamber. I put the Vaccum hole at the top and the entrance hole near the bottom to keep the bees as far away from the vaccum force as possible. The vaccum hole is at the top right of the photo. It is covered with 2 layers of screen.
I used some screen that I screwed and ductaped in place at an angle so there would be healthy bees in the chamber.
They get sucked right into the brood chamber. From the way they were crawling around, it looks like they are not damaged and will be a healthy addition to my new hive.
I had 4 frames drawn inside with some sugar-water syrup on them. They also had a polin patty, water in a sponge and a feeder.
I videotaped it and will post that when I finish the editing.