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    Default Varroa, Oxalic acid and by smoker

    doesn't it seem reasonable that one could make up an oxalic acid solution, soak something burnable in the solution, let it dry, then get fumes by burning the whatever in the smoker?

    Anyone seen/heard of this; of course, respiratory protection - Mike

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    Default Re: Varroa, Oxalic acid and by smoker

    One serious concern has to do with the temperature at the hottest part of the smoker. If the temp is too high, then you'll be making a bunch of carbon monoxide and not vaporizing the OA.
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    Default Re: Varroa, Oxalic acid and by smoker

    OA is some bad stuff, you don't want to breath it.

    It would be hard to give each hive 2 grams

    Saw a YouTube video of a beek using a fumigator to OA allot of hive very quickly.

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    Default Re: Varroa, Oxalic acid and by smoker

    1) you need a specific dose (as FlowerPlanter pointed out)
    2) you need a fairly specific temperature (as Chemguy pointed out)
    3) you need to NOT breathe the fumes (as Chemguy pointed out)

    You need to just go to the boiling point of Oxalic acid or it will break down
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