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    Default Special pipe clamp tool to assemble box joints

    Some time back, we were discussing, assemblying boxes with box joints, and ways to pull the fingers tightly into the valleys, especially when you have a warped board. At the time, I stated I would make a photo of the tool I made several years ago to do this.

    This is a normal pipe clamp that I welded a 1 inch square, 3/8 thick, piece of metal to the flat portion of the pipe clamp. This 3/8 inch piece, placed against the finger, will pull it into the valley as tightly as you need it. Don't have to use on all joints, but, some boards are bowed and need pulling in tight. I have 4 of these clamps. I forgot to mention..... There is another one just like this one on the other end of the pipe clamp.

    Box Joint Pipe Clamp.jpg

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    Default Re: Special pipe clamp tool to assemble box joints

    Nicely done, Mr. Hogan!
    -Phil Domeier


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