I have been raising a few queens this year. I have tried grafting several times without success. I tried grafting again 4 days ago. I just checked my starter hive and no luck with the grafting again, but I backed myself up with a frame of brood from my favorite hive, and it has 8 queen cups, all with larvae inside. I guess I'll just have to stick with emergency cells. I have raised about 20 queens this year all with emergency cells and contrary to what I've been told, they are big healthy queens and most are laying just fine. I no longer buy the tale that emergency queens are inferior. Besides, it looks like if this old man is going to raise queens, it is going to have to be something other than grafting.

When I try to graft I tear down the cell walls, and have trouble getting under the larvae. I guess I shake to much and see to little. Anyway, if there is anyone else out there that raises queens but does it by some other method other than grafting, I would like to hear about it. Or if you believe using emergency cells is perfectly fine for quality queens I would like to hear that, too. All the local beeks keep telling me all the down falls of using emergency cells for queen rearing so I've already heard all of that side!