I was sitting around the other day and had just popped the last tic-tac in my mouth and I thought there must be a way to reuse the tic-tac container for something useful ( I like to find uses for stuff like this). I though for maybe 10 minutes and it hit me. I went out into the shop rinsed it out good, dried it and drilled 1/16 in holes three on each side to provide ventilation. I then pryed the whole top off and replaced it only pushing one end down firmly leaving the other end up somewhat so it could be pryed off with one hand. I then went out to the bee yard and did my usual inspections. In doing the inspections I located a queen, flipped open the flap opening of the Tic-Tac container and placed her inside closed the flap and did what I had to do in that hive and when finished I pryed the top off let her go back into the hive. Now I have a nice little queen holding container that I can use when I don't have anything with me that I can use. I have also used one to give a friend of mine a queen for a hive that went queenless.
Just thought I'd share this idea incase it can help someone.