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    Default Remove supersedure cells before adding mated queen?

    I have a colony that's been queenless for probably two weeks. I discovered a few capped supersedure cells a week ago. I was planning to leave them alone but I unexpectedly have a mated queen coming my way in three or four days and would much rather go with the requeening instead of seeing if the supersedure is successful.

    Should I remove the supersedure cells now and add the mated queen when she arrives? Or is it safe to add a mated queen (in the usual candy-plugged cage) with the supersedure cells still intact? It's possible a queen may have emerged from one of the supersedure cells already. It seems like a slightly tricky situation.
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    Default Re: Remove supersedure cells before adding mated queen?

    See if any of the supercedure cells have emerged. If not, destroy them and introduce the new queen either at the same time or a few hours later.

    Actually, it sounds like they are emergency cells since it is queenless. Supercedure cells are made while the queen is still in the hive.

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