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    Default Kentucky or Southern In.

    Hello all,

    Are there any members on this site that lives in upper Ky. or lower In? I live between Louisville Ky. and Cincinnati Ohio sort of on the Ohio River (2 miles as the crow flies). I would like to buy 1 or 2 started hives (singles) this year to get going in this project i really hate the thought of waiting until next year to get rolling.

    If i can buy these starter hives is it too late in the year for them to survive the winter?

    Thanks Shane

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    Default Re: Kentucky or Southern In.

    I have fond memories of going to the trimble county animal swap meet, I hope they still have it.
    On bees there use to be a person in switzerland county selling bees in the spring, i think maybe packages.
    At this point in the year it might be a bit tough getting bees.
    I would buy a full hive with stores if you want to get it this year. Otherwise the perfect situation would be to buy two nucs in spring from a local souce. But I know the bee itch myself and sometimes waiting is simply not an option, so rock on and have a good time with the bees. Your in a great place to raise bees, the ohio river valley is prime!


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