Well I really ticked off my biggest hive. Yesterday I pulled a few frames for a nuke and put an escape board on. They got pretty POed. I used plenty of smoke, but they really went off, bees boiling up between the frames, bouncing off the veil ect. Got the job done with just a few stings making it through my jeans and closed thing up. Checked a few other hives and got the same thing. Every time I even touched a frame, bees boiling up between frames like mad. I figure the first hive marked me with alarm sent. But the problem is this, I still can't even go in my garden 20' to the side of the big hive with out getting buzzed and even stung this morning. We don't have skunks or any thing like that here and they were not so defensive before I worked them. They seem to have me "marked". I have to get the supers off today, which should be fun. Other then just let them be, is there any way to calm them down?

Bill S