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    Default Bees dying by the millions in Canada

    I hope people wake up soon and realize they are going to exterminate everyone with designer foods. LINK BELOW
    One guy in the article says, "Guelph University entomologist Peter Kevan, disagreed with the EU ban. “There’s very little evidence to say that neonicotinoids, in a very general sense, in a broad scale sense, have been a major component in the demise of honeybees or any other pollinators, anywhere in the world,”
    Even after researchers found it present in the dead bees and the bees dying are beside or near the corn planted with this stuff. That's like a car running into my house and the driver telling the reporters, "I don't think it was my car that did the damage to his house, just because its in his living room is no reason to jump to conclusions".

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    Default Re: Bees dying by the millions in Canada

    I don't think your comparison with the " car running into the house " makes any sense in this case! It should be more like this:

    During an accident in town in which a horse, pedestrian, bike, car, train, bus, truck and stroller was involved it was not possible to determine who takes the guilt for the damage to the house since all of the involved parties ended up in the living room!

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    Default Re: Bees dying by the millions in Canada

    So, the products that replace the neonics, are they safer for bees?



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