I've had quite a rough 1st year beekeeping, but the bees seems to be doing ok. In May they superceded. After a few weeks of the new queen (whom mated locally) laying, I noticed mites and bees with deformed wing virus. There were lots of sickly white bees who seems to be losing their color from the virus. They almost looked like zombees walking around in a daze. Anyway, the bees seemed to have beaten the mites. The bees were from a package in Georgia. I didn't expect hygenic bees. Is it possible that the new queen mated with some great drones and produced a bunch of wonderful new hygenic bees?? I put a hop based treatment into the hive yesterday afternoon jusit in case, peeked into the window this morning and didn't see any mite drop. I will check again in a few days to switch out the sticky board.

Also, the bees are building furiously and taking a spaghetti sized jar of syrup every 2 days. I put in a few empty bars yesterday, which will come to a total of 17 bars when they are drawn out. Is the 1st bar always used for storing pollen?? It is packed full of pollen and nothing else.