OR, I am not safe to be around!

I have a very good peach mead bottled up and aging. It sat at SG .992 for well over six months and I really believe that there was no residual fermentables left. But I decided that I would like to carbonate this mead and carefully calculated how much honey I would need to just carbonate. This was in two three gallon carboys. So on the fly, This is forensic memory!) I decide to only do three gallons, so I racked onto the now double charge of priming. When I went to retrieve the case of beer bottles, I saw I had a MEA, that is mead explosive activity! Two bottles had become broken glass. I wrapped a bottle in a towel and cracked the cap and instantly lost half. I guess I will attempt to chill it to around 35 degrees and see if I can uncap them and save the mead and lose some of the excess pressure!

Would it be safe to recap them after letting them remain open for several minutes?