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    Default TBH combine questions

    Hi everybody, I have a TBH with a side entrance towards one end of the hive, the same design as Les Crowder. I installed a package of bees in the middle of March, the Queen laid for about a week, then she went missing and my hive has been trying to requeen themselves with no success. I want to know the best way to combine a captured swarm with a queen into my hive. I know of the newspaper method but I'm not sure the best way to set it up.

    Right now the hive has about ten bars of comb starting at the front of the hive and I have a follower board around bar 13.

    My question is what part of the hive should I install the captured swarm? Should I put the swarm towards the back and let them move their way to the front with the entrance? Or should I move the existing hive toward the back and let the swarm occupy the front with the entrance, and let the original hive work their way to the entrance.

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    I combine hives by making a follower made of card, and cutting out the center and replacing it with newspaper. That way you get a better seal than trying to fix newspaper to the hives walls!.

    Put the swarm at the furthest end away from the entrance so the two hives are forced to mingle and the swarm - with the queen - adapt to life having to go through the other colony to enter/exit. Reduces the risk to the queen being killed and the swarm absconding.
    Works for me.

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