I got a call about a hive that hasnt been worked in three years(min) and would i be interested in taking it over...get there, and the weeds are taller than the hive. one deep and two meds. As I start to cut the grass around the hive with a swing scythe, these girls kind of mobbed me, at one point, i wipped bees off my veil, with my hand because I could see nothing but mad bees. after the cutting, they followed me around 45 yards still mad. around two hours later, went back with smoke and they were much less, but still very aggressive. My Dad is worried sick that these are africanized bees, and wont rest until I have them checked I guess. Do I go thru the ag agent to do that? If I go next week and they are noticeably better, should I write them up as feral, and concentrate on 'breaking them in' so to speak.
I live in West Marin County, Ca...North of San Fran, and have no reports of AHB but Im sure that some distant cousins of these girls have been to the almond melting pot in the valley so???...it's at least possible that there is some AHB genes floating around.
Thanks in advance!