Took some time this morning and played around with HBH recipes I have seen. I stopped buying it years ago because of the price. The typical ones you see floating around make about a quart size portion and the consistency and color aren't the same. I have a batch that is pretty darn close. I think the other recipes don't use enough lecithin and too much sugar. Also in order to get it to mix right you have to boil the lecithin in for a few minutes, let it cool some then add your sugar and when it cools all the way add the essential oils. I took two cups of water and two tablespoon of lecithin. I boiled it on medium high while stirring. It becomes almost like a jelly puffed with air, when it cools a minute it is still thick and a little orange colored. Then add the sugar, that's where I should have payed attention. I poured it until it gets about the color and consistency of the store bought about 1/8th cup? If you add too much sugar it gets clearer and thinner. let it cool to room temp and then the 15 drops LGO and Spearmint. It makes about 16 oz I added a little water until it filled a 16 oz bottle. When, if I get time I am going to play some more and try to perfect it, I need to buy a small bottle to compare. It sure does look a lot closer. Take it for what it is worth, take my thoughts and play, some one has got to hit the nail on the head sooner or later.