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    Default 267 Drone Larvae & 40 Varroa Mites

    Newbee here,

    A swarm left my best hive, (Wednesday, July 3)
    (Captured and living in a nuc)

    (Friday, July 5) I cut out, froze and counted 267 drone larvae from the hive they left.
    On these I found 40 varroa mites.
    That's 15% or 1:6 (but I know drones are mite heavy)
    To treat or not treat?


    No eggs, no larvae found during the inspection
    So I've got a virgin queen situation.
    I'll inspect again next weekend, hoping to find eggs.

    If I do need to treat (I have MAQS ready) or (powdered sugar)
    How long should I wait to let the new queen get settled, if she returns and is laying?

    Thanks from a hot, humid and constantly raining northern Vermont.

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    Default Re: 267 Drone Larvae & 40 Varroa Mites

    Well, I never treat at all, so you can take that into account... but you can look at this two ways:

    1) the brood break will help with the mites.
    2) the brood break is an opportunity to kill a lot more mites...
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