I hope the photo attachment works. My swarm trap is sort of the mobile home version of a bee mansion. That placement and opening hole imitates what I have seen in trap-outs in old buildings. Eight feet high, south facing to open field. Hadn't seen many bees this spring in Upstate NY and didn't expect this pleasant surprise. Anyone who has seen a swarm arrive and move into a hive box knows what an amazing experience this is. Very orderly, after the initial swirling around, and about twenty minutes total. The scouts arrived in earnest the same morning and the swarm in the early evening. After moving in, they were very quiet -even the next day when they seemed to be coming and going a few at a time. The guy who mows my lawn is going to be pissed because this is on my property and I am not moving it until they are well established. Well I you folks get a chance to see an arrival of your own, (the lemongrass oil also makes an interesting cologne even if you strike out).