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    Default Different types of queen excluder

    I have handled three different types of queen excluder

    -metal with wood frame

    I currently have a metal excluder bound with a wood frame on my hive. My bees have shown no reluctance to cross the excluder to work on the comb or put honey in the super above the excluder. I chose the wood bound excluder after reading that this type is better for maintaining bee-space for the girls than with a plastic or metal sheet-type excluder laid directly on top of the hive body box. It also provides a nice even seal or "stacking surface" between the wood lips of the hive body and the supers, and I like that too.

    I am noticing after a few weeks of use that the interior slot in the wood frame (that is, the slot where the metal excluder "sheet" is inserted into the wood frame) seems to be an EXCELLENT place for small hive beetles to shelter. Now I am rethinking if this style should be my preferred type of excluder. With a basic plastic or metal sheet of queen excluder without the wood frame at the perimeter, I assume there is not any extra nook to harbor SHB inside the hive? Is there a down side to using a flat metal or plastic excluder instead of the wood bound type I have on now?
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