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    Default Swarm clustered on outside frames?

    I captured a swarm a week ago and hived it and started feeding right away, I did an inspection yesterday and all seems well, I saw the queen and noticed she has been laying. However the cluster was on the first 2 frames as opposed to the center as other hives I have. Should I try and put them into the center of the hive? Does it even matter where they begin to work? Has anyone else seen a cluster work from one side over like this? Any thoughts would be appreciated, thanks!

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    Default Re: Swarm clustered on outside frames?

    Does not really matter. As they start drawing and building up, you can center them, but they will expand according to their plan anyways.
    And yes, I've seen some starting on the side frames...I guess it depends where the initial cluster formed once the swarm was placed in the box.

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    Default Re: Swarm clustered on outside frames?

    I always start a nuc or swarm on the outside. It allows me to add frames as there are enough bees to cover them and I keep a frame of foundation on the outside to keep them from dropping comb. All my swarm boxes have the three combs, (2 old dark combs and 1 foundation), against the side, (leaves the other open), and almost always the bees will work these combs, and the foundation keeps them from dropping their own comb.



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