We are new to beekeeping but close family has hives. We collected a swarm yesterday which makes us official bee keepers! I acquired my hive from my father who struggled with mites and wax moths. I had to clean the hive from thousands of wax moth eggs when he gave it to me. He lives 3 hours away from my location and where I have setup my hive, if that matters.
My fear is that the swarm we collected will acquire the mites from the hive or the wax moths will somehow come back because there were reminants left in the hive (all the larvea sacks were removed and it was sat out over the winter to kill anything remaining).
Should we begin to treat for mites/moths before we see evidence or not? How do we know if the swarm has mites already? With the little knolwedge we have, we're trying to collect information as quickly as possible. I have ordered a few beekeeping books and am looking for local classes. However, I have put the cart in front of the horse only because I didn't want to give up the opportunity of a free swarm!
Any kind words of wisdom are greatly appreciated!