Stumped. 9 days ago I put a cloaking board on top of a brood nest, brought up some brood frames and resources and let it sit for 7 days. Yesterday I put the cloak board on blocking the bottom from the top to get the bees to make some queen cells above it. It is 100 degrees the past two days, the bees were very upset, bearding, I did not believe it was working; I took the board out 5 hours later.

This morning I wanted to take the cloake board and queen excluder off and put them back the way they were; there is a capped queen cell in the middle of the brood frame I had put up there 9 days ago> capped! Is this an emergency cell already in the making I missed? How could it appear so quickly and why? I'm pretty sure the queen was fine, the brood I put up was all stages including eggs obviously, now there is a capped queen cell, capped brood. Were they going to supercede her?

I did take it and put it in a queen castle with more resources but now wondering maybe they were not queen right to begin with and this could be a mistake.

But I also remember some of you saying bees make emergency queen cells all the time.. and if the queen could not get to it because of the queen excluder...