Not sure yet if I will be extracting honey this fall or next but wanting to start getting the supplies I need and making sure I have all of my ducks in an order.

Right now I have 1 hive, I might work my way up to about 3 hives total over the next few years. I am thinking a 2 frame extractor should work fine.

Here is what I have read but please add or change any of these steps.

1) Pull the super boxes and store them for a few days in a cool dry place. Thinking my basement should work good. (is it important to store for a few day and if so, why?)

2) Put in uncapping tank. (is an uncapping tank necessary? if so is there a way I could make one out of a plastic tote?)

3) Uncap honey. (I am guessing a heated uncapping knife would work best. What are other good options?)

4) Put in extractor, spin honey out.

5) Drain honey from extractor to bottling bucket. ( do i need a bottling bucket or can I put straight from extractor to jars/containers I am going to put my final honey product in?)

Do I need some kind of strainer to go from the extractor/bottling bucket to the final jars? Would a normal kitchen strainer work?

All tips would be appreciated