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    Default Re: dried black Larvae?

    Quote Originally Posted by o-townbee View Post
    Hopefully not exhausting you all.....I finally got deeper into my hive. Didn't see a queen.....but....could be hiding. This is what it looked like. Not good. Can you all help me out with what you think it is....Attachment 6858Attachment 6859
    Also, this is the second to last outer frame. The outer frame is barley built up. It seems like there is not hardly any brood....Should I be worried that the queen is not there?
    Doesn't look good to me. I don't know what this is. There did seem to be a dark something laying on the bottom of a cell in the middle of Picture #1.
    Mark Berninghausen

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    Default Re: dried black Larvae?

    The dried black larvae, if they are hard are stonebrood. It is fungal like chalkbrood. There is also EFB in there. The larvae that are twisting and turning yellow and brown. Sometimes the larvae start with what appears to be efb then chalkbrood or stonebrood finish them off. If the hive were mine I would feed Caspian solution. Short of that feed syrup, patties if you have them.

    Sounds like the outside frame has not been built because lack of flow.


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